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Security Advisories

MIDAS Security Advisory - 19th May 2021

Keep Your MIDAS System Up-To-Date!

The latest version of MIDAS is v4.28 (Build: Mon Oct 4 02:14:03 2021 UTC)

It's important to keep your MIDAS system up to date to ensure it has the latest security patches/fixes.

You can view the version & build you're running via Statistics → MIDAS.

For self-hosted customers, updates may be obtained via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Update.

If no update is available, you may need to renew your support subscription.

Note: Cloud-Hosted MIDAS systems are automatically kept up-to-date.

Tips for keeping your MIDAS System secure

Our "Tips for keeping your MIDAS system secure" guide offers useful and practical advice for system/network admins, MIDAS administrators, and end users of MIDAS alike.